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2. How it works when activated

When you activate Lightpath Reader(we did it for you here), the extension seamlessly creates a ‘focus zone’ around the main parts of the content. This zone is dynamically generated based on the text’s structure, ensuring that the most relevant information is always in view. This feature transforms your reading experience by guiding your attention precisely where it needs to be.

As you scroll through a document, the ‘focus zone’ follows you, ensuring you stay engaged with the material. The result is a cleaner, more streamlined reading experience where your attention is dedicated to the content that matters most. Lightpath Reader helps you absorb and retain information more effectively, making your reading process smoother and more focused.

Additionally, it skips distractions like advertisements and irrelevant content, allowing you to focus solely on the main text. Lightpath Reader filters out the noise, so you can read without interruption. This means you no longer have to manually navigate away from distracting elements, as the extension does it for you automatically.

3. Long texts only

Remember, Lightpath Reader works best with longer texts. Short texts or lists of short articles aren’t ideal for showcasing its full capabilities.

We’ve tested Lightpath Reader on popular news sites like wsj.com, nytimes.com, and washingtonpost.com to ensure it performs optimally. We’re continually adding more sites to expand the range of content that benefits from Lightpath Reader. By refining our algorithms and expanding our testing, we’re committed to providing a flawless reading experience across many popular websites. If you have any suggestions for sites to include, please let us know!

Good luck! We hope Lightpath Reader enhances your reading experience by making it more focused and efficient. Enjoy the benefits of streamlined reading and see how much more productive you can be with a tool designed to keep you on track. Thank you for choosing Lightpath Reader, and happy reading!

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